Pieteikšanās projektam People Power Partnership

Pieteikšanās projektam People Power Partnership
March 1, 2021 Fonds INITIUM
Piesakies līdz 17. martam projektam “People Power Partnership”!
Ieraksti video, atbildot uz šiem jautājumiem angļu valodā:
✔️In which dance style or dance surrounding do you feel the most comfortable, the most home?
✔️What could be challenging for you in dance or the choreography work?
✔️What are your skills in dancing and in behavior, like character trades that you bring into the group and the team?
✔️What do you expect and what are your important aims to reach with this project?
✔️What could be difficult for you regarding our project?
Pieteikumus, norādot vārdu, uzvārdu, kontaktus un valsti, kuru pārstāvi, sūti uz Whatsapp: +4915122639283
vai ievieto Wetransfer un sūti uz info@people_power_partnership.eu
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